Fadi Masalakhi farchoukh

Place of Birth: Beirut

Current location: Beirut

Phone Number: 961869913

Email: fadyfarchoukh@gmail.com

Work Experience

04/2009 - Present

Cargo officer

Middle east airline, Beirut

         Freight department: - Control Room. (4years)
                                                                                   - Counter service (one year)
                                                                                   - Export service (4months)
                                                                                   - Scale service (2months)
                                                                            - Import service (6 months) 
       Work description for: 
Control Room:
Assign shipments to manifest according to primary flight manifest and flight
            Booking list.
Ensure that all documents (cargo manifest & AWBs) relating to a certain flight are completed and sent to load control in due time.
Detains copy of cargo manifest and copy Awb for accounting purpose.
Sends all messages to destinations for special cargo that require special handling are imitated after departure of the flight.
Ensure that special handling cargo is reflected in cargo system correctly.
Ensure all customs formalities are issued/legalized in due time and keep records in files
Relay and delay of AWBs to control room responsible.
Counter services
Receives and checks the AWBs from shipper/agent.
Ensure that customs formalities are complete and attached with AWBs.
Enters the information of AWB to cargo system.
Issues and handles transfer manifest.
Issues delivery order to the correct and authorized person.
Reports any irregularity to responsible on duty
Export services
Build up cargo according to manifest assigned on flight.
Coordinate with control room to build up cargo referring to availability on flight.
Ensure that weight of all cargo on manifest is correct after build up.
Load and handle with care of special handling cargo.
Import services
Check the cargo arrival according to manifest received.
Enters cargo in location due bar code system.
Handle with care the special handling cargo.
Ensure to send cargo that need specific temperature to specific location.
Take action for any irregularities.



English Full Professional

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