Muhammad Afzal Sadiq (+14 Years’ Experience)

Date and Place of Birth: 1988-11-02 Pakistan

Location Al Khalij Area, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.


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Bachelor of Computer Science

Punjab University, Pakistan

01/2007 - 01/2009


Pakistan International School Riyadh

01/2005 - 01/2006

Computer Skills (General)

  1. Arc GIS Versions 9.1 to 10.8 (2D and 3D Work)
  2. Arc Info, Arc Editor, Arc Scene
  3. Arc Hydro
  4. ArcGIS Server 10.2.1
  5. ArcGIS Viewer for Flex
  6. Google Earth Pro
  7. WMS (Versions 8.1) Watershed Modeling System
  8. Global Mapper (Versions 14 to 18)
  9. Micro Station (Versions 7 - 8.1)
  10. Microsoft Office
  11. Windows, DOS
  12. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Professional Training (Certification)

  1. ESRI Online Certificates
  • Professional Training on Arc GIS for 6 months (USA Based) 
  • Professional Training Map Base (Mosaiking) for 3 months (USA Based) 
  • Professional Training on Bentley Microstation for 3 months (USA Based) 
  • Getting Started with GIS (USA Based) 
  • Arc GIS Survey Analyst (USA Based) 
  • Basics Of Geographic Coordinate Systems (USA Based) 
  • Creating and Sharing Locator (USA Based) 
  • Collecting and Editing Data using Arcpad (USA Based) 
  • Authoring Web Maps using ArcGIS Online (USA Based) 
  1. Certificates of FOG HEC-RAS GeoRas Training Course (Germany Based)
  2. Certificates in Computer Applications ( Technical Collage)
  3. Computer Hardware and Software (Technical Collage)

Summary of Major Skills

  • System Management of ArcGIS Mapping, Analysis, GIS Apps
  • Prepare land use maps for the project areas
  • Prepare soil maps for the project area
  • DEM Analysis using WMS & Arc GIS
  • Prepare 3D Maps using ArcScene
  • Watershed Delineation & Comparison of DEM results with Topo Maps & Google Earth
  • Location and other maps preparation for Hydrology & Storm Drainage reports
  • Water Surface Profile Analysis
  • Development of L-Sections & X-Sections of Streams/Wadies
  • Spatial Data Analysis & Management
  • Satellite Image Processing, Analysis & 3D Mapping
  • Super Imposing topographic and satellite maps on Google Earth
  • Processing Data in ArcGIS, Google Earth, WMS, AutoCAD, Globar mapper, Micro Station
  • Traffic Counts

GIS Analysis

  1. Network Analyst
  2. Arc Hydro (Analysis for Hydrology & Water)
  3. Image Analyst and Classification & Satellite Imagery
  4. Special Adjustment
  5. Special Analyst
  6. Geo Referencing
  7. Utility Network Analyst
  8. 3D Analyst Tool, 3D Modeling
  9. Utility Network Analyst
  10. Graphics Tools
  11. Fly throw in Arc scene
  12. Cartographic with legend and Thematic with style sheet
  13. 3D work and 2D work
  14. Working on Tin in Arc Scene
  15. Working on DTM in Arc Scene
  16. Created Symbology and Style sheets for different feature classes
  17. Creation of Feature Classes, Attribute Domains, and Sub types
  18. X-Tool for Data Integrations
  19. KML Toolbar,
  20. Advance Editing Tool,
  21. Cartography & Conversion/Integration Tools
  • Shapefile to Geodatabase or Personal Geodatabase 
  • Shapefile to contours
  • Raster to shapefile
  • Shapefile to Google earth
  • Google earth to Shapefile
  • Shapefile to excel
  • AutoCAD to shapefile
  • Shapefile to AutoCAD
  • Microstation to shapefile
  • Excel to shapefile

Work Experience

GIS Specialist Dar Al-Handasah, Al Riyadh

Projects Name:

Riyadh Bus Rapid Transit (BRT Project)

King Abdul Aziz Project for Public Transportation in Riyadh-Phase 1, 2, and 3:

The Project consists of the construction of 3 Terminals (3000 m2 each), 106 Bus Stations (160 m2 each), more than 1000 Bus Stops (33 m2 each), and more than 1750 feeders and consists of reconstruction of 80 km of roads.


Client/Funding Agency:

Arriyadh Development Authority (RCRC)


Discription of Duties:

  • Creating and updating in daily bases a GIS database layers
  • Creating an excel database file for contractor and stakeholders whenever releasing new database versions
  • Preparing the General Maps, Phases Maps and Detail maps with the layers of BRT Routs with Stations, Metro line with Stations, Community Lines with Stations and Feeders Stops, Landuse data, Pedestrian Bridges, Terminal, Park & Rides, and Metro Shafts in difference style
  • Creating KMZ, as maps mentioned above in Google Earth Layers
  • Preparing CAD Drawings from GIS database layers
  • Weekly bases update progress in GIS database layers and uploading online on Google map link
  • Preparing complaints to detail maps with ROW, Land used roads, Shelter and Totem layers

12/2017 - Present

GIS Analyst Al Riyadh Municipality, Al Riyadh, (Lead Consult), Al-Riyadh

Projects Name :

Different Projects


KSA Government

Discription of Duties:

  • ArcGIS System Management for Mapping, Planning Analysis
  • Master Plan & Asset Management
  • Road Network Analysis,
  • Conversion to KMZ, KML, Shape files & Digitizing & Google Earth Mapping
  • Auto Traffic Counts and manual Traffic Counts and creating Reports for Traffic studies
  • Creating Detours maps for new roads
  • Creating Land use map according to Satellite Image
  • Digitization on Satellite based data and maps
  • Survey Data Collection Processing and Analysis
  • Distribution of Networks Analysis, Digitizing, Data Collection
  • Spatial Data Integration as per KSA (GCC) Standards
  • Geo Database Management Systems (Attribute Table, Schema)
  • Analyze GIS problems and provide immediate resolutions
  • Urban Planning Design (Presentations Maps)
  • Land Record Management Information System (LIS)
  • Urban Planning and Management
  • Converting Auto-Cad files in GIS based system
  • Identify topological errors in the available maps and data
  • Digitizing and updating Google Earth image
  • Arc Tool Box, and Data Base Management System (DBMS)
  • Creation of different types of attribute tables, Feature domains, and subtypes.
  • Creating a style sheet in Arc Map to use as symbology that helps in identifying different types of features in the given map.
  • Loading data using Arc Catalog into their respective feature datasets and feature classes.
  • Creating Cartographic and Thematic Maps.
  • Editing of the different kind of Maps in Arc Map.
  • Quality Controlling of all Data before Plotting or Delivering it.
  • Plotting of Final Maps
  • Creating a Final Project Report and Initial Plan Report

01/2016 - 12/2017

GIS Specialist Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants, Al-Riyadh

Projects Name:

  1. Preparation of Comprehensive Planning For Storm Water Drainage In Riyadh City 
  2. Riyadh Municipality. 
  3. Master planning storm drainage network for whole Riyadh city. 
  4. Consultancy Services for the Preparation of Strategic Study for Storm Water Drainage and Flood Protection for Cities & Villages in the Kingdom (121 Sites) for Ministry of Municipalities & Rural Affairs (MOMRA). 
  5. Al Majmmah Preparing Studies Of Storm Water Drainage And Flood Damage Mitigation In Almajmmah. 
  6. Demarcation & Establishment Of Amana Subdivisions In The Municipalities Of Dammam, Khobar & Qateef - Stage 1 
  7. Madina Munawara Preparation of structural plans and urban boundary for the villages in madinah province for madinah municipality 
  8. Design Services of Infrastructure Works For 17 Sites For Ministry Of Housing 
  9. Design for the Improvement of Al Falak Intersection in Jeddah Municipality for Jeddah Municipality. 
  10. Design for the Improvement of Palastine Road from the Intersection with Haramain Road and Towards East for Jeddah Municipality. 
  11. Preparing Studies of Storm Water Drainage & Flood Damage Mitigation in Al Majmaah Region for Riyadh Municipality. 


AMANA, MOMRA, Riyadh & Jeddah Municipality

Discription of Duties:

  • Master Planning of Riyadh City KSA
  • Possess experience working with Database, Spatial data and General data
  • Satellite Image Processing & Analysis (UTM, Lat-Long)
  • Distribution Network of Water Supply
  • Hydrological Analysis, Satellite Image Processing
  • Converting text file into shape file
  • Google Earth Pro. Mapping, Image Rectifications inArcGIS
  • Conversion Data for KMZ, Google Earth & Google Earth Mapping
  • DEM, DTM, Point Analysis
  • Topographic Survey Drafting, Mapping, Cartography, Presentation map images
  • Status & Directory Update shift and coordinating with management tool
  • Ensure that project deliverables meet quality standards and project requirements
  • Evaluate individual performance and provide appropriate feedback to the Site Staff.
  • Analyze GIS Problems and provide immediate resolution.
  • Include line styles, Contour smoothing, Spikes removing, Patterning, Capping etc
  • Finalizing maps, preparing layouts and plotter
  • Conversion all kinds of Coordinates X,Y
  • Water Resource Management System
  • Catchment Areas, ROW (Right of Way)
  • Import & Export data into different software's
  • Import Contours and DEM from Google Earth
  • Conversion Coordinates from Lat Long System to UTM, KSA, & all over the world
  • Satellite Image Processing with all kind of Scale(1:1000 to 1:90,000)

05/2009 - 12/2015

GIS Cartographer Ratal Advanced Technologies, Al-Riyadh

Projects Name:

  1. Project - 112 Al Abha Region 
  2. Project - 115 Al North Riyadh 
  3. Project - 116 Al Riyadh. 
  4. Project - 129 Al Qassim 
  5. Project - 123 Jeddah 
  6. Project - 144 Tabuk 


Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs

Discription of Duties:

Started with Mosaicking

with ARC GIS

  • Preparing digital data for different projects
  • Geo Referencing of 2D data or raw data
  • Importing, Exporting raw data
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Conversion, of Compiled data (in Micro station)
  • Data editing manually
  • Data Cartography and indexing to prepare the blocks for finalizing
  • Contouring using raster or data sets to prepare tins for elevation preps
  • Data preparation for presentations using of Arc Seen with other resources
  • Scanning Image Importing, DTM Collection and editing
  • Mosaic king & final Thematic Sample Map
  • In Large and Small Scale Mapping
  • Finalizing Blocks and preparing deliveries included reports to the higher management
  • Oracle GeoDatabase preparation for GIS work.
  • Creating a Scene or an Animated Screenplay of the maps in Arc Scene.
  • Creating TIN and DTM to show the Surface of the Earth at a particular area.
  • Merging of the similar features after loading all the maps together.
  • Exporting the data into Shape File.

08/2007 - 08/2009


English: Full Professional

Urdu: Full Professional

Arabic: Professional Working




Al Khalij Area, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number