Mandira Maharjan

Date and Place of Birth:
1985-09-21, Lalitpur Kathmandu
Current location:
Lalitpur, Kathmandu
Phone Number:
[javascript protected email address]


Degrees Dates
Master in Business Studies (MBS) - TU 05/2012-04/2016
Bachelor's in Business Studies (BBS) - TU 04/2005-08/2009
Intermediate Management - HSEB 03/2002-12/2004
SLC - HMG 01/1990-01/2001

Work Experience

Start Date/End Date 01/2012 - Present Job title, Employer , Sudeep International Pvt. Ltd, Tripureswor,Kathmandu
  • Accounting and Taxation
Managing  and maintaince of all account related documents such as ledger, register, software entry of transactions, VAT book etc. Calculation of VAT amount and its verification, online submission of VAT and TDS. Overall entry in accounting software/system of all the financial transaction occured in the company.
  • Tendering and Auditing
Filling tendering form and amount, submission and sealing bid. Assisting in preparation of final audit report by providing all transaction related  documents.
  • Data Management
Keeping record of all transaction by preparing voucher and maintaining a proper managed record keeping system. Issuing payment cheques, bills, goods receive information.
  • Reporting
Preparing  weekly and monthly financial report and follow ups for the payments and providing information about good in stock.
Start Date/End Date 04/2010 - 12/2011 Job title, Employer Operational Incharge, Reliance Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd., Kumaripati,Lalitpur
  • Accounting and Finance

  • Teller and Management
Overall monetary management of the financial institution which include all banking activities such as cash counter, account section and loan department.
  • Training Facilitator
Provide training to junior staff on daily management of office and inter personally development. Training for banking software (Micro Banker Software) to staff and related stake holders.
  • Communication and Handling
Problem solving and handling clients in various difficult situations by  clear and smooth explanation of revealing institutional and governmental the rules and regulation.

Start Date/End Date 04/2008 - 04/2010 Job title, Employer Grade Teacher, Supervision English School, Kanibahal,Lalitpur
  • Teaching and Monitor
Proving knowledge and education to school children and providing guidance for good behavior and guidance for better future.
  • Reporting  
Collecting information performance of students and preparing report on progress and performance.
  • Public Relation
Attending and active participation in office meeting and also providing advice to parents for overall circular performance of the student.  
  • Evaluation and Grading
Evaluating overall performance of students and find the pros and cons of student in educational performance and behavior.

Other skills and competences

In regular  work I had constant meeting with local communities, stake holders,  and other personnel relating work during which I executed each and every task at hand with absolute sincerity and dedication. I perform as key person during team work and maintain good relation with work colleges, seniors, client, customers and other stakeholders. Also I was able to address the social issues during work and gain experience to how persuade social mass and spread positive influence in the community and extended my knowledge in public relation as well as official relationship. 


Name            :  Bhakta Bahadur Hamal                                                 
Organization: Sudeep Int. Pvt. Ltd
Post               : Managing Director
Contact         :
Phone           : 014218215

Name             : Rakesh Bhakta Mulmi
Organization: Relience Saving and credit and cooperative
Post               : Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Contact         : 015008682/015008692