Marc Pitart Casanova
Online Marketing Specialist
Birth date: 1988-11-11
Birthplace: Barcelona, Catalonia
Email [javascript protected email address]
Phone Number: +56 9 656 846 91
Current location: Santiago Región metropolitana, CL

I am an online marketing & entrepreneurial passionate. Since my first contribution to a Start Up, I knew I wanted to learn more about online marketing to be able to ultimately create my own Start Up. Back then, just graduated, I had many ideas in my head but neither enough money nor knowledge to build a company.

So I started working for other Start Ups, (check my work experience in the sections below for more details) at first I worked as an Email Marketing intern at an Ecommerce Flash Selling Platform , where I was part of the initial team. After this awesome experience I moved into an early stage Marketing Agency, I worked there for more than a year as Head of Online Marketing. After I joined a bigger online marketing agency, that specialised in marketing for independent hotels and small chains. There I managed a team of up to 4 people working on PPC Campaigns, UX, Analytics, SEO & PPC Budgets... 

After 5 years of experience I was ready to start my own company.

Work Experience
01/2016 - Present
CEO /, Barcelona - Santiago de Chile

CV online is an online platform where candidates looking for a job can create an eye-catching cv that will boosts in more than 70% the chances of good candidates getting an interview. The platform was launched in January 2016 and has more than 90K registered candidates from 148 different countries. The Startup has taken part in the SUP Chile Seed Acceleration Program and is scaling sales worldwide.

Leading a team of 5, as the CEO I coordinated the product development team, the launching of the website among.

Due to my background in SEO, my focus is on acquisition, however I have shifted my priorities towards validated learning, improving the UX, developing sales funnels and of course I have also been in charge of the daily operations. Our goals are to keep helping Job seekers from all over to land their dream jobs, keep growing and reaching break even bootstrapped.

Among many milestones our team have already accomplished, I am most proud of having talked with more than 1000 users myself and it's been priceless to hear that we've helped some reach their career goals.

  • A part from our users' feedback, having validated our service, starting with a non-scalable MVP where we did the Word documents for premium account users by hand.
  • Another milestone I was excited about ,was having increased by 402% the organic traffic during 2018 1st Q.

07/2015 - Present
Online Marketing Consultant / Planells Planells S.L.U., Platja d'en Bossa, Eivissa, Illes Balears

Planells Planells is a holding owning two hotels in Ibiza: Ebano Select Apartments ( and Los Robles Apartments ( an online marketing consultant of these two hotels I am in charge of creating and performing a new online marketing plan that has the Goal of growing the website incomes by at least 50% and increase the relevant traffic by at least 50% within the next two seasons.My main tasks are:

  • Designing, and supervising the online marketing plan including the creation of three new websites and a new booking process.
  • Performing the SEM, RTB, retargeting & email campaigns for
12/2015 - 12/2017
SEO and SEM Manager /, Santiago de Chile

Keteka is a Marketplace where travelers go to find, plan, and book genuine off-the-beaten path experiences.

07/2013 - 07/2015
SEO & SEM Manager / HotelJuice (By SERHS), Barcelona

Serhs is the leading tourism company in Catalonia. As a part of its wide range of services to provide excellence to tourism companies, Serhs Group offers online marketing services through an agency named Hoteljuice. Hoteljuice offers marketing services such as web development, revenue management, booking engine services and online marketing services. It exclusively works for accommodation companies worldwide and accomplishes it with one single goal: help Hotels to grow their direct and online revenues through their websites.As the SEO&SEM manager I lead a team of 3 people in charge of grow traffic and the Conversion Rate of our clients.My main tasks were:

  • Plan and supervise the implementation of broad SEO strategies to drive more relevant traffic for our clients(On-page, Off-page strategy, Keyword strategy, monitoring results, blogging strategy...). 
  • Supervise web migrations (Redirects, sitemaps, etc.)
  • Plan, execute, and optimize SEM & RTB campaigns for our clients (Search campaigns within Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yandex Direct networks, Retargeting campaigns within Google Display network by using Google Analytics, and RTB within Google Display Network, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google Hotel Price Ads... ).
  • Plan and supervise CRO and UX actions within the development of many websites and e-commerce check out funnels.

While working at Hoteljuice some accomplishments examples where:- Increased organic traffic for by an average of 25% during 2014 and 2015, and CR by a 33% during 2015 first semester and revenues by 87% during this first semester.- Increased the Adwords incomings for by more than 30% during 2014.- Increased the traffic for by 32% by growing organic traffic by placing targeted keywords in the top 3 results for starting SEM branded campaigns 

01/2012 - 07/2013
SEO / SEM & Front End Developer /, Barcelona was an online marketing & web development small agency based in Barcelona and Tangier (Morocco). Tingis was my first real job experience as an online marketing manager. As a SEO/SEM manager I was in charge of SEO Projects and SEM Campaigns for English, Spanish, and French markets at Google Adwords and Bing Ads. 

  • In terms of SEM management my main tasks where to plan, execute, and optimise search campaigns in Google Adwords and Bing Ads as well as present and explain their performance to the client . I also worked with display campaigns in Google Display Network and Facebook Ads. 
  • In terms of SEO I was in charge of analysing the companies' background and planning their strategy to increase the number of visitors and online revenue. I also ranned the on-page and off-page changes and actions.
  • I also assisted in sales, as I was in charge of providing SEO & SEM audits to the sales team and occasionally presenting it to the client.
  • I was also in search of Social Media profiles in English and Spanish for a company (  so I gained hands-on experience in corporate Social Media and Blogging.
05/2011 - 01/2012
Email Marketing Intern / Alfa9 (, Barcelona

Alfa9 is a IT Consultancy company based in Barcelona, that provides project development, e-commerce services, IT training and outsourcing. I did an internship at a division called Outletpack and provided entrepreneurs with e-commerce interfaces as well as providing launching services for new websites. The internship was supposed to be a three months long, but the company and I agreed to extend the period up to 5 additional months. I made that decision because it was during this internship that I felt that the online marketing world was my passion. As an Outletpack team member, my main goals were to upload online travel packages to different websites and manage email marketing campaigns. Briefing my tasks where:

  • Create campaign messages and claims as well as the package descriptions (html code applying css inline styles, because of the CMS limitation) and the graphics ( Essentially jpg banners using Photoshop)
  • Manage email marketing campaigns that targeted our registered users on a weekly basis ( Approximately 20,000 emails by the time I left the company)
08/2009 - 10/2011
Customer Services Assistant / The British Council, Barcelona

The British council is a British organisation specialising in international educational and cultural opportunities.I worked at the British Council of Barcelona as a Customer Services Assistant, and my tasks were performing front office tasks, such as assisting new and old students, managing the testing process, as well as other administrative tasks.

Kyle Wiggins,
CEO at
Contact upon request
Marc has been a key member of our team for two years, in this timeframe Keteka has become a major player in the landscape of online bookings for tours and activities in Latam. Marc knows what he is doing, and he actually get things done. He always had good ideas to grow.
Pablo CIutad
COO at Serhs Tourism
Contact upon request
Marc has a passion for online marketing. I would definitely recommend him for any managerial / executive marketing position. I was glad we shared an important part of Hoteljuice journey including its acquisition by Serhs Tourism. He showed his commitment to the team and the company, it was great to have him on the team as SEO/SEM Manager.
Hiroshi Wald
Managing director at Austral Capital
Contact upon request
I got to know Marc and his team on the Start Up Bootcamp "Geekcamp 10", I loved his passion for the project.
Online Marketing Expertise
Email Marketing
User Experience
Social Media
Coding & Front end Skills
Degree Title
Graduate in Web design at CIPSA Barcelona
Graduate in Tourism and Hotel Management at University of Barcelona (CETT)
Limited Working
Full Professional
Native or Bilingual
Native or Bilingual
My career in numbers
Reached 90.000 organic reached registered users
Recently reached 90.000 users and we have a 30% growth month after month.
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