Birth date: 1992-04-01

Place of Birth: Jakarta

Current location: Jl. Basmol Raya No. 161.Rt 008 Rw 04. Kelurahan Kembangan Utara, Kecamatan Kembangan. Jakarta Barat. kodepos 11610

Phone Number: 89633143141

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09/2015 - 07/2017


University of Indonesia

09/2010 - 09/2014



Work Experience

11/2017 - Present

Sales and Support Engineer Real Time Operation (RTO)

PT NAVITA ORIGO SOLUTION, South Sumatera, Indonesia

Technical support real time operation (RTO) monitoring exploration well or development well. Onsite at PT Pertamina EP Asset 2 Prabumulih, Drilling & Workover Departement

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Job Desc :

- Provide Navita Drilling Monitoring for Real Time Operations installation in the client's office.

- Provide support and troubleshooting of Navita Drilling Monitoring for Real Time Operations.

- Ensure that the services provided meet the customer's needs.

- Presents Navita Origo Solutions' Products (Navita Drilling Monitoring for Real Time Operations, Navita Drilling Report, to customers and prospects.

- Provide explanations to customers regarding Navita Origo Solutions' products.

- Create report for the projects that have already released.

- Prepare the documents that needed for invoicing.

11/2017 - Present

Sales and Software Support Engineer

PT. Navita Origo Solutions, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sales and Marketing duties

1. Presents and provide explanations Navita Origo Solutions' Products to customers and prospects.

2. Create networking with the prospects customers.

3. Maintenance relations with customer that have used our products.

Tender and Bidding Documentation

1. Coordinate the tender process and prepare the documents that needed to ensure submission of proposal on time and meet the requirements.

2. Assist and coordinate with other departments to follow up clarification request, tender supporting documents and follow up any response to customers.

3. Prepare and ensuring all supporting documents for invoicing as per customer requirements before the invoice submitted.

Project Coordinator

1. Manage engineering team for rig up and equipments deliverable time.

2. Frontliner for technical issues and give the solutions.

3. Communication with supporting engineer, management, and client for make sure the project execution going on track.

4. Engineers and equipments performance report for clients.

Software Support

1. Installation software in office.

2. Monitoring and troubleshooting for software problem to ensure software running well

3. Increasing knowledge of software product that delivering by company such as Realtime Drilling Monitoring, MFrac and JewelSuite Subsurface and Geomechanic by Baker Hughes, Energy Builder for Production Allocation Software, 3D Experience for Engineering Design and Project Management Software, eDrilling, Dassault System etc.

HSE Documentation

Preparing documentations of company to CSMS Verification from clients, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) by Pertamina (clients)

09/2017 - 09/2017



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11/2016 - 07/2017

On Job Training

PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia

Master Thesis
Geomechanics and Application for Hydraulic Fracturing in Lower Pematang, Central Sumatra Basin

studied about geomechanics, elaborate seismic, pressure actual data, well log and mud log,

01/2015 - 11/2016

Petrotechnical Data Base Management and Application Support Engineer

PT Geopatra Solusindo EP, Jakarta, Indonesia

Petrotechnical Data Base Management and Application Support Engineer at Outsource Pertamina Upstream Technology Center (PT Geopatra Solusindo Energi Pratama)
Jobdesk: manage and loading data seismic and well, export-import data seismic and well, back-up data, remapping database Geoframe, and Master Project using CRS (Coordinate Reference System).

10/2014 - 12/2014

Junior Petrophysict

PT Wimaya Energi, Yogyakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Junior Petrophysict at PT. Wimaya Energi (Job SKK Migas) : "Study Geology And Geophysic In Kujung Formation"
Jobdesk: analys propect hydrocarbon and analys petrophysict

06/2013 - 10/2014


Hydrogeology Laboratory, Yogyakarta

Lecture Assistant of Hydrogeology Laboratory
Jobdesk: teached and lecture to undergraduade program about hydrogeology and application in geology, and groundwater surface mapping (pemetaan Muka Air Tanah).

03/2014 - 09/2014

On job Training

PT Wimaya Energi, Yogyakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Thesis : Studies of Hydrocarbon Prospects And Reservoir Dissemination, Layer D1, Upper Cibulakan, NAR Field, base on Seismic and Wireline Log (Validation With Well Test Data)
Jobdesk: analys depositional environment, analys petrophysict, mapping subsurface and attribute (porosity map, permeability map, saturation map) and calculated hydrocarbon.

01/2014 - 03/2014

On Job Training

PT Pertamina EP Asset 3, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

Partical Work at Pertamina EP Asset 3 Cirebon
"Reserve Calculation Layer T Talang Akar Formation, Mutado Field, base on Petrophysict Analysis, Validation With Core, Seismik, Mudlog And Wireline Log"
Jobdesk: analys prospect hydrocarbon, application petrophysict and calculated hydrocarbon.

10/2013 - 12/2013

Junior Petrophysict

PT. Wimaya Energi, Yogyakarta, Central Java,Indonesia

Junior Petrophysict at PT. Wimaya Energi (JOB PT.Pertamina)
Jobdesk: analys prospect hydrocarbon zone, analys shale, porosity, permeability, and saturation water 


Honor & Award

Hibah Publikasi Internasional Terindeks Untuk Tugas Akhir Mahasiswa (PITTA) Universitas Indonesia Tahun Anggaran 2017

honor date Jan 2017 honor issuer International Publication

honor description HIBAH PITTA UI 2017 FOR PUBLICATION 3RD ISCPMS UI 20017 (The 3rd International Symposium on Current Progress in Mathematics and Sciences 2017). Bali 26-27 Juli 2017

Conference Scopes
Papers related to this conference theme include theories, methodologies, and emerging applications such as recognition of activities of daily living are encouraged. Contributions covering theoretical developments and practical applications, including but not limited to the following technical areas, are invited:
Mathematics and Its Applications
Theoretical and Applied Physics
Chemical Sciences
Biological Sciences


Geomechanic Application for Hydraulic Fracturing in Central Sumatera Basin

publication date Jul 22, 2017 publication description 3RD ISCPMS UI 2017

publication description Abstract

NN field is located onshore within the Malacca Strait Block. The field was discovered in 1990 by drilling N-01 exploration well which proven oil in the Manggala and Pematang Formations. In 1998, 3D Seismic was acquired and successfully identified three compartments in this field which separated by N-S faults. This study is focusing on Lower Pematang Formation which belongs to Pematang Group and deposited in braided-fluvial system. The Lower Pematang reservoir is tight sandstone with blocky log-type model. In order to optimize the oil production, hydraulic fracturing stimulation was chosen and became proven technique in this reservoir. Further geomechanic study is required to support hydraulic fracturing jobs by providing a 3D model of pore pressure and fracture pressure. Several geo-mechanics rock properties such as Pore pressure, Poisson's ratio and Young's Modulus, Fracture Pressure was calculated in wells and then propagate troughout NN fields. With 3D model, a robust recommendation on field deveopment via hydraulic fracturing can be achieved and oil recovery will optimum.


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