Rodrigo Dávila Escribano

Birth date: 1982-04-13

Place of Birth: Madrid

Current location: Calle Estrella Denébola, 20 - 28045 Madrid (Spain)

Phone Number: +34 669 333 434


Professional Profile

Degree in Finance and Administration, 11 years of work experience in Financial Departments (Biotechnology, Energy, Construction, Hotel Industry and Professional Services) in Management Control and Accounting & Tax areas.

Result orientated, proactive, hardworking, teamwork ability, adaptability to change, able to work under pressure, work motivated and eager to continuous learning.

Most relevant roles: Direct contact with suppliers, financial institutions, customers, partners and auditors, analysis and control of financial statements, accounting closures, procedure development and team building.

Total geographical mobility national and international projects. Looking to joining a project in which I can add value and further develop my career.

Work Experience

05/2017 - Present


KPMG, Madrid

KPMG Abogados S.L. - Tax Outsourcing & Compliance

11/2014 - 02/2017



AUDALIA NEXIA, multi-disciplinary Spanish and family firm of professional services (Advisory, Audit and Bussines & Human Resourses Consulting),

Roles  (Reporting to Department Director, Partners and Portfolio's Clients):
  • General and analytical accounting (monthly, quarterly and annual closings) of different clients of the assigned portfolio.
  • Accounting for financial asset portfolios (Shares and Investment Funds)
  • Control and bank reconciliations and relationships with financial institutions.
  • Funding negotiation with financial institutions, as per client's requests.
  • Tax Management and submitting relating with each client's portfolio activity.
  • Development of annual accounts and memories.
  • Collaboration with the audit area in audits.
  • Development and implementation of computing apps to optimize the time.

06/2006 - 11/2014


RDE, International (Based in Madrid)

Own project, multi-company accounting officer collaborator, executing tasks typical of the position in addition to full integration and involvement with permanent staff and achieving the objectives sets by client companies.

Sectors and representative roles:
  • Hotel Industry (Family Business - Processing Freelance accounting into Corporate model, in order to attract new investors and debt restructuring.
  • Construction: Responsible for Consortium Management - Analyze, supervise and record the accounting the LATAM subsidiaries and internationals investee companies - Collection management of outstanding debt.
  • Biotechnology: Reporting to Germany and U.S. Headquarters - Reports of internal management controlling (renting, fuel cards, phones, etc.)
The most remarkable period of this personal project, was during the years 2012 and 2014, in order to ride out the uncertainty economic situation lived in Spain since the end of 2008.

12/2010 - 01/2012



100% Norwegian owned company (Cogen AS), dedicated to the creation, maintenance and management of cogeneration plants with gas and biomass, as well as representation and trading the power generated by the plants in the electric market.

Position created in order to sopport the company and business needs.

Roles (Reporting to CFO Group):
  • Management of the Representative in the Electric Market and Energy Trading Group Company.
  • Analysis and monitoring of new contracts for their inclusion in the Company's Cash Flow.
  • Controlling and monitoring provisions of main intangible assets (energy, CO2 and Gas trading)
  • Managing billing and settlement of transactions of the Group and associated companies.
  • Management with I.T. of the development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & databases.

03/2010 - 12/2010



100% Norwegian owned company (Cogen AS), dedicated to the creation, maintenance and management of cogeneration plants with gas and biomass, as well as representation and trading the power generated by the plants in the electric market.

Roles (Reporting to Accounting Manager):
  • Responsible of the all groups' companies (7) accounting records and monthly billing.
  • Development of procedures for better control and management of the Department.
  • Control and development of new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) apps.

    09/2006 - 02/2010


    ELECTREN, S.A., Madrid

    ACS Group company, dedicated to railway construction and energy systems specialist for the railway: overhead contact line, traction, substations and infrastructure for the manufacturing and distribution of electricity.

    Roles (Reporting to Accounting Manager):
    • Responsible for Accounting
    • Issuance of remittances of payments to suppliers
    • Collection management
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Support monthly and annual closings.
    • Accounting Support for French Branches.
    • Development of a documentary control tool accounting integrated.


      English - Full Professional

      French - Elementary


      11/2016 - Present

      Bachelor's Degree in Management and Business Creation

      Universidad Europea de Madrid (Laureate International Universities)

      10/2011 - 06/2012

      Advanced Accounting Course

      Centro de Estudios Financieros "CEF" (Madrid)

      10/2011 - 06/2012

      Master Degree in Energy Business Management

      Club Español de la Energía "Enerclub" (Madrid)

      04/2010 - 04/2010

      Introduction to the Electric Market. Present and Future Course

      Club Español de la Energía "Enerclub" (Madrid)

      04/2008 - 06/2008

      Online Course Exchange and Derivatives

      Madrid Stock Exchange and Financial Exchange Software

      09/2001 - 06/2006

      Finance and Administration

      Centro de Fomación Padre Piquer (S.J.) (Madrid, Spain)


      • Extensive knowledge on Windows and Microsoft Office.
      • Deeply ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning) knowledge:
        • Microsoft Navision / Microsoft Dynamics NAV
        • SAP:
          •  R3 Financial
          • Business Objects
        • Sage Group:
          • Contaplus
          • Logic
          • Sage Despachos
      • Strong ability to analyse different computing apps and its possible uses.


      • Reading.
      • Visiting Museums.
      • Cinema.
      • Theater.
      • Cooking.


      • Business study.
      • Continuous improvement searches.


      • Rugby (C.D. Arquitectura Player)
      • Sailing
      • Running
      • Playing sports in general

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