1986-07-03 Oberwart
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Current Location: Magdeburg (Germany)
Phone Number 0049 163 2354192

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Work Experience
12/2011 - Present
Entrepreneur, Artist and Innovator
TCU I.MM.E.R, Magdeburg (Germany)

Owner and founder of "Magdeburg in Trance" (MiT) and acting as artist for musicial events, supporting at restaurants/bars/clubs/festivals. Since June 2015 also expanding towards innovation, marketing and process driven development and events. This would also include software-development, texting, editing, analyzing and recommending for operations and changes (especially when there is a lack in capacities, loss of business, unnecessary redundancy or data-loss or a too weak compliance management).

Sustainable and cooperative services under the values of connection, unity and diversity.

Tasks/Positions: Leading Counselor, Agile Developer, Unique Performer and Helping Hands

Website: https://www.the-see-u.biz (in German)

11/2017 - 02/2018
Software Engineer (working student)
Katla GmbH, Magdeburg (Germany)

Developing in Java, UI/UX prototyping, documenting and internal counselling.

04/2013 - 03/2014
Programmer (later working student)
Quinsol AG, Magdeburg (Germany)

Developing for trading systems in C, C++, C# and Java.

10/2012 - 03/2013
Software Engineer (internship)
COPA-Data GmbH, Salzburg (Austria)

Inventing and developing of the GIS Metadata Explorer.

Certified in basics of Zenon Editor 7.x.

04/2009 - 07/2009
Support Engineer (mobile and on-site)
NextiraOne GmbH, Graz (Austria)

Technician for fixing telecommunication hardware.

Mainly Alcatel OmniPCXOffice (fully certified), ISDN and hardware based VoIP solutions.

11/2006 - 03/2009
Software and Test Engineer
7iD Technologies GmbH, Graz (Austria)

Middleware developer in C, C++.

Developed GUI tool Siemens RF660R reader simulator.

Co-developing for automated testing of EPCGlobal standards in Ruby.

10/2009 - Present
Bachelor of Science
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Faculty of Computer Science)
09/2001 - 06/2005
HTL Pinkafeld (department: computer science and economics)
GermanNative or Bilingual
EnglishProfessional Working