Date and Place of Birth: Tunisia

Location Chambre 2126, Centre International de Valbone, 190 Rue Frédéric Mistral, 06560 Valbonne France

+33 (0) 7 83 32 15 5

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CV PDF Version

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  • A graduate engineer from EURECOM (France) and SUP'COM (Tunisia). 
  • Currently working as Cloud DevOps Engineer at Capgemini Infrastructure.
  • Strongly passionate about Distributed Systems, data processing and IT security. Open-minded, enthusiastic and motivated; a proven team-player ready to lead if appropriate; committed to continuous learning.

    • Trilingual (French, English & Arabic)
    • Double engineering degrees
    • Familiar with the multinational environment (thanx to various professional and associative activities)
    • Solid and wide technical background that includes Cloud computing, Big data, Linux system administration, programming languages (Python, Java and Shell scripting)


Post-Master degree in Information/Network Security

EURECOM - France

09/2015 - 06/2017

Master of Engineering in Telecommunication

SUP'COM - Tunisia

09/2013 - 07/2015

Engineering Preparatory Cycle degree

IPEIN - Tunisia

09/2011 - 08/2013

Work Experience

Cloud DevOps Engineer @ Sogeti | Capgemini group, France

At Capgemini Infrastructure, I help our clients in defining their business needs, and implementing technological solutions. 
  • Study and implementation of DevOps technologies. 
  • Administration of an experimental cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack
Key_words: Linux System Administration, Docker/Swarm, Shell scripting, Python, configuration management and orchestration tools (Ansible, Fabric, Chef, Puppet), Continuous integration (Jenkins), git/gitflow

07/2017 - Present

Cloud Computing Engineering Intern @ Nokia, France

  • Contribution to design and development of a distributed and scalable RCA (Root Cause Analysis) system in the scope of an experimental cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack to identify the origin of different type of failures in a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. 
  • Conception and development of stimulation components in the RCA sandbox. 
  • Conception and development of an interactive dashboard controlling all the sandbox components. 
  • Conception and development of an analytic tool aiming at identifying the correlation rules between the alerts and the metrics. 
  • Development of a prospective analysis helping the RCA users getting advantages of the RCA. 
Key_words: OpenStack,analytics platforms (Spark & SparkSQL), Statistical modeling, configuration management tool (Ansible), Python & Shell scripting, Scala, Javascript, NodeJS.

03/2016 - 08/2016

Big Data Engineering Intern @ FIS Global Business Solutions, Tunisia

  • Conception and development of an analytic tool using Spark, Spark SQL & Druid for the Business Intelligence department.
  • Creation of visualization dashboards for the Business Intelligence team using Qlikview. 
Key_words: Spark, SparkSQL, Druid, NodeJS, Scala & QlikView

07/2015 - 08/2015

No-SQL Semester Project @ OOREDOO, Tunisia

  • Study and implementation of No-SQL databases for storage of system/network logs
  • Development of prototypes + benchmarking.
  • Note: Semester Project, Remote work, Weakly meeting with the industrial supervisor. 
Key_words: Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Amazon DynamoDB, Oracle NoSQL, ElasticSearch, Solr, Apache Kafka

01/2014 - 05/2014


Arabic: Native or Bilingual

English: Full Professional

French: Full Professional

Technical Skills

  • Programmation languages: Python, Linux shell, Java, Scala 
  • Cloud solutions: AWS, Google CloudPlatform, OpenStack, Docker/Swarm, Vagrant
  • Infrastructure & Deployment automation: Ansible, Fabric, CHEF, Puppet
  • Big Data frameworks: apache Spark, apache Hadoop, Pig/PigLatin, apache Kafka
  • Database & DB management tools: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra
  • Continuous integration: Jenkins
  • Source code management: git, gitflow, GitHub


  • Events organization (Forums, Cultural events, Charitable events)
  • Photography
  • Traveling





Chambre 2126, Centre International de Valbone, 190 Rue Frédéric Mistral, 06560 Valbonne France

Phone Number

+33 (0) 7 83 32 15 5