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How Many CV Variations Can I Make?

An user can create as many cvs as they may need. However, in order to create different versions of your cv, you need to upgrade your account. Here there is more information about how many cv variations you can make with the JOB SEEKER, JOB HUNTER, and JOB HUNTER PREMIUM accounts.

If you have tried to exceed the maximum number of variations available to your account, you will come across the following message. Follow these instructions to upgrade your account and make more versions of your cv!

Why should I use multiple cvs?

Here are some useful ideas about how creating multiple cvs will help you be more precise in your job search:

  • Create a specific cv for each job position to which you are applying in order to better catch recruiters’ attention. In this way, your cv will be more specific to this particular job position and thus appeal to employers. Read the requirements and job tasks of the position to which you are applying, very closely. When writing your cv, be sure to add why you meet all of the job requirements as well as the goals that you have for being able to achieve all of the position’s tasks. You can do this by adding additional sections.
  • Include a specific section in each of your cvs where you can briefly explain why you would make a difference at this specific company. Do some research about the company and the position that you are applying for. Do you think that they could improve their performance, processes, or efficiency? By creating a cv for each specific job position that you are applying for, you can create a specific section detailing your point of view on their current status and how you can help them improve.
  • If you are looking for jobs in various areas of employment and they are not related to each other, we recommend that you create a different cv for each specific area. You should not use the same cv for various fields of employment, as your previous experiences listed may not actually relate to the job at hand. Thus, you can create multiple cvs and include only the professional experiences, abilities, and education related to the specific field of work to which each cv is directed.
  • Create a cv in another language. Learn how to do it here.
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