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How to Change Your Online CV URL

The URL is a link to your cv that can be accessed from any web browser, whether from a computer or a mobile device.

During the initial registration process of your account, you can choose what you would like your link to be, however, it will always have the domain as a base. This domain will be followed by a chain of characters that you can select.

Link Rules:

Remember that you cannot use spaces (you can use dashes or underscores instead), punctuation symbols, or other special characters.

How to Change Your Link:
  1. Go to the “Resume Settings” page.
  2. In the center, you will see your online cv link. Specifically, it will say “Your cv is available at” with the web address and link. You can copy your link here.
  3. In the URI field, (URI is the part of the link listed after the domain) click on the blue pencil to the left.
  4. When the border of the URI field is orange, you can write a new URI.
  5. To save the changes, click on the blue “Save changes” button in the bottom left part of the page.
  6. If the URL does not already exist, in other words, no other user has already selected this URL, the changes will be saved. However, if it does, a red message will appear telling you that the URL already exists and that the changes will not be saved.
Do not overuse the option to change your link.

Utilize this option only if you have not already shared your link or QR code. Remember that if you change the URL after previously sharing the old one, the employers that try to access your cv with the old link will find a 404 error and will not be able to find your online cv.

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