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How to Add an Introduction Video to A CV

Adding an introduction video is an excellent way to enhance your online cv for many reasons. For instance, your potential employer will be able to see you in action before the interview. A video in which you introduce yourself can actually help break the ice in a future interview. Unfortunately, many candidates do not take advantage of this option, as a conventional paper cv does not permit such creativity.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add an introduction video below:

  1. First, the video must be uploaded to youtube. If you want to know how to upload a video to youtube, click here
  2. Once you have uploaded your video to youtube, copy the video link. You can access the video’s production page and copy the URL that appears in the browser. Or, you can go to your youtube channel and put your cursor on top of the introduction video title and right-click on it to select the copy link option.
  3. Access your dashboard by logging into your account with your email and password. If you do not remember your password, you can always recover it.
  4. Once you have logged into your account, click on the “Edit My CV” section in the left-hand menu.
  5. You will see more options shown within the “Edit My CV” drop-down menu. These options are made up of all of the sections that you have included in your online cv. Click on the “+ Add Section” option.
  6. An informational message will instantly appear, followed by a drop-down menu where you will select the type of section that you would like to create. Be sure to select the option titled “other.”
  7. You will see a title field and a description box like the one shown below:
  8. In the title field, you can write whatever you wish, we recommend something like “Introduction Video,” “Introduction,” or “About Me.”
  9. In the description field, paste your youtube video link, without any additional code. Obviously, you can write an introduction or an explanatory text, and in the following paragraph paste the video link.
  10. Finally, it is very important that you click on the “save new section” button, so that the new section will be successfully added to your online cv.
Make your video hidden from youtube:

If you only want to use your video for your online cv and you do not want it to appear on youtube under any circumstances, the best option is to select “hidden” in the Youtube privacy configuration.

You can also select the “private” option instead of “hidden.” The difference is that with the private configuration, only the first 50 users will be able to reproduce/view the video. While with the “hiddenconfiguration there is no limit to the number of views.

You can include the video link in your PDF or Microsoft Word cv versions

By default, the video will not be added to your downloadable cv, as it is not one of the predefined or fixed sections. If you want to add predefined sections (such as the Education or Work Experience sections) to your downloadable PDF cv, click here, If you want to add fixed sections to your downloadable cv in Word, click aquí

n the case of a video, if you add its section to either version of your downloadable cv, it will appear as a URL.   Made with ♥ from Barcelona, Pamplona and Santiago de Chile