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Cvonline.me started with the clear goal to help job seekers to easily and effectively tell their story on their CV sending signals of their full potential as professionals. We are a small team, without huge aspirations but with a cristal clear mission, that has driven us and kept us alive despite the fierce competition that has emerged over the years.

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This is our story

Aunque crecimos entre 30km y 300 km aparte, nunca nos conocimos hasta empezar este proyecto juntos, a casi 7.000km de casa, desde entonces, hemos trabajado en remoto desde 4 países diferentes.

  1. V.1 launching

    cvonline.me's first verion was launched in January 2016. The venture started with the simple goal of scaling a job hunting technique that had worked for Marc, one of our founders, after many failures. He was clearly expecting different outcomes when trying to do the same old thing over and over... When he designed a creative CV with Adobe Illustrator where he added a QR linking to a static HTML site with an extended version of his CV. That's how the idea for the V.1 came to be, to allow anybody with an internet connection to create an online CV and share its link on their CV. The tool was initially offered in English, Spanish, Portugues, French, Russian and Catalan.
  2. Welcome to out 3d co-founder


    At an event at the Spanish embassy in Santiago de Chile, Montse and Marc met, Montse was just starting at Planet Expat (Today kaelon) an HR strategic consulting firm offering access to international talent to tech startups and career coaching and mentorship to candidates from all over the world, while Marc that had 2 jobs was kickstarting the venture without a big HR knowledge. It was a perfect match, Montse started collaborating with CV Online offering her essential perspective from the recruiting experience.

  3. UC's Geekcamp 10 finalist


    About to finish V.2, we participated in the Universidad Catolica de Chile's Geekcamp 10th edition. It was our first experience pitching and receiving honest feedback mostly around the theory that "It would never happen, there is no market for this"... But the feedback of one of the mentors stood out to us. Luis Felipe Giraldo said something along this lines:

    "-There is a big opportunity arounf what you are doing, there is a lot of pains in talent acquisition. However there is a lot of well funded companies working to solve them, you should focuse on your mission to help candidates with the specific task of crafting their CV with the ambition of becoming the best CV builder" This was really inspiring since back in 2017 there weren't 200.000 of them 😂)

  4. V.2 Launching


    After gathering user insights and realizing that the online version of the CV was a nice thing to have but not a basic need that could scale, we decided to improve our PDF CV editor. After a few months developing it, we launched cvonline.me's V.2 allowing users to create PDF CV variants totally independent from the online version. We kept the free plan to create an online CV and build a premium plan that unlocked the download of certain PDF templates in order to validate our MVP.

  5. Start-Up Chile

    02/2018 - 12/2018

    Inspired by Santiago's entrepreneurial scene, full of talented professionals doing great things, we applied to Start-Up Chile without a clear business model and got rejected twice.

    As they say: the third is the charm: This time we applied with a business model, got accepted and took part on the Gen-19 cohort.

    Participating on Start-Up Chile's Seed acceleration program was a huge honor that pushed us to surpass 100.000 monthly users and improve many features.

    We are greatful to SUP Chile's staff and mentors forevermore and we are conscious we are in debt with Chile, a debt we are returning every time we have opportunities to do so.

  6. >1M users


    In august of 2020, we surpassed the million users milestone. Soon it became very aparent that we would need to improve our tool if we wanted to compete with increasing competition. So we got to it.

  7. V.3 Launching


    In February 2022, we launched cvonline.me's current version, with a brand new data stream allowing an agile usage of user's data to create unlimited CV variants. Moving on from the last version, we got rid of annoying "forced links" between the PDF and the online version of the CV. They are now totally independent but their content can be pulled in both directions easily.

This is our team

Montse Lorente

Career coach and HR consultant


Marc Pitart

Product Owner


Iñigo Sola