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A continuación, encontrarás las preguntas y respuestas más frecuentes en relación a las cuentas disponibles en Remember that you can always reach out to us at if you have any question that isn't solved here.

Available accounts and subscriptions

There are two types of user accounts on, the JOB SEEKER which is free and the JOB HUNTER account that comes at a monthly cost of 2.45€/month if you choose an annual cycle or 4.89€ a month if you pick a monthly cycle.

What's included in a JOB SEEKER account?

JOB SEEKER is the free account and gives users access to create 2 CVs: a PDF CV and an online CV. All CV online designs are free of charge, however, although they can be edited for free, only some PDF CV designs are totally free to download.

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What does a JOB HUNTER account includes?

This is the premium account at, and it gives users access to all templates and features available on our CV builder. When upgrading to a JOB HUNTER account users can pick between a monthly or an anual subscription.

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How to cancel a JOB HUNTER account

To cancel a JOB HUNTER account simply follow the following article steps.

Steps to cancel a JOB HUNTER account
How to completely remove an account from

In the following article we cover how to completely remove a JOB SEEKER account, deleting as well all its information and related files. If your account is JOB HUNTER, before we can remove your account you should first cancel your JOB HUNTER account.

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Changing the UI language

Changing the language of the User Interface, you will change the language in which all the platform menus and communications are conducted in. Moreover the language will be the default language for the newly created CVs.

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Changing my account's email address

Your account is associated with an email, this email is the one displayed across all your CVs, therefore it cannot be automatically changed from the user interface. Here we explain how to manually change it.

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