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Recruiters spend an average of 6 segundos deciding whether your CV is worth a second look. CV online helps you create an outstanding CV / resume in minutes.

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Say goodbye to your old borring CV, with CV online tailor your resume to your applications and stand out!

Your CV is the first impression recruiters have of you. Most of the candidates still have a CV that looks like this. Are you one of them? If you are, there is an opportunity to turn it into a CV that will get you the WOW effect...

Use to generate very unique CVs that get the attention of recruiters, with both your online CV and your PDF CV.

Gain the interest of future employers: Get to know the company and job you are applying to, and tailor your applications by creating different versions of your CV.

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With cv online you will be able to

Design an Online CV for free along with an outstanding PDF CV.

Generate as many CVs as you need, target your applications and tell your story in a compleing way. It's 2022, you don't need to be a designer to have a stylish resume anymore.

Use our state of the art CV Maker to easily generate a professional CV:

  • Fill it in or import your resume from Linkedin.
  • Choose and edit the perfect CV template.
  • Create customized versions for each application.
  • Choose who's able to see your online CV.
  • Download it or share the link or the QR code instead.
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I landed an internship with Climbing Magazine this week! They said that my application was by far the best they'd seen, and I'm sure a huge part of that was the online CV.

— Bennett Slavsky

My current employer told me personally that my resume stood out. And they know what they are talking about, since I work for the first Spanish HR Company.

— Daniel Vela

A Winning CV in minutes

CV online: as easy as it gets

Using to create your CV is extremely easy and will save you time: After a quick signup, where you'll pick the design you will use on your first online CV or PDF CV, you'll be redirected to an online CV builder where you will be able to complete your resume and make it yours by sorting sections, changing templates or customize colors, font-types, sizes, etc.

Once you are done, simply download your CV or resume as a File. Even using free plan, you will be able to save your CV as a .PDF - download free file as many times as you want, as long as you are using a free design.

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Helps you stand out

Most job applications take place online. Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs, as email attachments or within online application systems. CV online PDF + web formula helps you differentiate your CV from your piers.

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Easy creating and editing

Far from tedious, the set up process is easy and intuitive. Starting from professional examples, you can edit your CV inline, allowing you to see your changes live.

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Make it yours anytime

Edit your CV any time from any device: add new sections to develop your expertises and skills, covering letters, an executive summary, etc. and sort them at your choice. You can pick among more than 22 templates easy to use, all of them 100% responsive and adaptative to mobile devices.

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Save your PDF CVnew

With two free CV templates, you can download your PDF free CV anytime you need to.

In addition you can enable the download of your PDF CV from your online CV, so the visitors will be able to download it in this format.

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Share your Online CV

Once you've created it, you can download and send your CV via email, within your PDF CVs, on job applications or on Linkedin or other professional social networks and job boards.

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generate unlimited CV variantsnew

use the builder to generate as many cvs as you need, and target its content and design elements to tell your story in a compeling way for every application.

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Set your CV's privacy details

You can choose your online CVs to be public and indexed by search engines or instead make them only available for those with whom you share the link, or even more restrictive with those with whom you share the link + a password to enter your CV.

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Use a QR to impress

From your PDF CV version, you are able to link to your online CV with a QR code. Scanning it from any device, your CV visitor will be redirected to an extended version of your CV with additional information.

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Honest and transparent pricing

Some competitors hide their real pricing behind a trial period with a very low price. Once the short trial is over, they charge their users amounts that can go as far as 20x the trial price. offers a free plan to download your CV as a PDF and our premium plan's price is totally transparent from the beginning.

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The best version of your CV

Did you ever wondered why you weren't interviewed for a position you were perfect for?

Our job search experience tells us that in the first stage of a recruiting process, the content of your cv is as important as the way you write it and how it is formatted. That's the reason why even good job seekers go often "under the radar" of the recruiters and get lost, never getting an interview.

The average job hunter in the UK has to apply to 27 positions in order to get a single interview. is here to help you navigate this situation by helping you design both online and offline cvs that will capture the attention of the recruiters to actually read your cv.

By adding an online CV to your application with

You will obtain a unique and customizable link for every CV you create.

Publish as many CV's as you need, with a different link and catered content for each application.

Choose the design of your online CV and use our builder cutomize it with your own background images to make it completely unique.

With just one click, unpublish your cv anytime.

Decide whether or not you want your CV to appear on search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Employers will be able to contact you in just one click from any device.

You decide when and to whom you share your CV. You will be able to share your CV’s link or QR code on LinkedIn, on the paper version of your CV, etc.

Protect your online cvs with a password, and share the password with employers...

Decide if you want your potential employers to be able to download a version of your cv in PDF.

Choose from 20 different types of CV designs and sort your sections.