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What can I do with a free JOB SEEKER account?

The JOB SEEKER account is's free account and it lets any user create and edit 2 versions of their CV:

An online CV version

  • That can be accessed from any device.
  • With more than 15 free designs to choose from.
  • Sharable with a custom link or QR code.
  • Without the option to customize background images.
  • Without the option of protecting it under password.

A PDF CV version

  • With 2 free designs to choose from
  • With unlimited downloads*

*Users are able to download this CV in PDF while both of these affirmations are true:

  • The CV has applied a design tagged as FREE.
  • The CV has 3 sections or under.

Downloading a PDF CV with a JOB SEEKER account

Holding a free JOB SEEKER account users can download a PDF CV if the CV isn't using a premium template, has more than 3 sections, has had its color modified or has had font size or type changed. Here you'll find the details on how to make sure these 3 conditions are met and you can download your PDF CV with your JOB SEEKER account:

If you found one of these messages, your CV is infringing one of the following requirements to be able to download it with a free account. Therefore in order to downloaded a CV in a PDF format with a JOB SEEKER account, you have to make sure that all the 4 conditions are meet:

1. The CV is using a free template

Make sure the template your CV has applied is one of the templates tagged as FREE, never as JOB HUNTER indicating it's a premium template. Here you can how to change the template of your PDF CV. Essentially, as you can see in the example below, the top left design and the bottom right are free designs, while the others are designs that are exclusive to JOB HUNTER accounts, a JOB SEEKER user will be able to pick them but not download it as a PDF with the JOB SEEKER account.

2. The CV has a maximum of 3 sections

When the chosen design or template is a free template but it has more than 3 sections, no matter the type of sections they are, the CV will only be able for download with a JOB HUNTER. If your CV has more than 3 sections you can remove them by following these instructions.

3. The default color of the template, the font-size and the font-type hasn't been modified

Another possibility is that you have modified the size or type of font under "font details" or changed the color of the template under "Change Color Scheme" both under the DESIGN & FORMATTING section of the lateral menu of the PDF editor: