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Everything you need to know about the online version of your CV

Below you'll find ethe most common asked questions about the online version of your CV. Remember if you have any question that aren't solved here, you can always reach out to us at hello@cvonline.me and we will be glad to help.

Who's going to have access to my CV?

This is a very frequent concern among our users. While PDF CVs created on cvonline.me are private and you can only share them by downloading adn sharing its file, online CVs can be accessed online with whomever you decide. Users can decide if they publicly publish their web CVs online, available only to users with whom you have shared the link with or even available for search angines to crawl it and potentially appearing in searches related with your name on Google and other search engines. JOB HUNTER users can also set a password to access their online CV. Users can of course unpublish their CVs and they will be inmediatly taken offline.

See how to set the different CV sharing settings
Create a new online CV

JOB HUNTER account users can create as many online CV versions as they might need. You can start them from scratch, using previously created CVs or even import its content from Linkedin. In this article we explain you how.

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Remove an online CV

Are you not going to use your online CV anymore? You have two options: disabling its visualization, so that the CV will no longer be available when visiting the CV's link, or permanently remove it.

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Adding sections

Even users with a free JOB SEEKER account can add unlimited sections on their online cvs. In the following article we'll explain you how:

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Adding subsections inside a section

Subsections are section subelemnts that repeat themselves inside a section in order to add information like: Work experiences, skills, achievements, etc. Not all section types have subsections though, some sections have only fixed elements. Find more information in the link below.

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Editing sections

Editing existing sections is very easy. In the link below we explain how:

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Deleting sections

If you need to delete a section from your web CV, in the article below you'll find how to do so.

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Sort sections and subsetions

The 3.0 version of doesn't have any limitation to the order of the sections and subsections, so that users can sort them as they need.

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Changing design / template

One of the advantages of using cvonline.me is the great number of designs available for the online version of your CV. All of them are completely for free.

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Changing the appearence of a design or template

Some online CV templates also allow sutomization.

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CVs available for download within the online version of your CV

Your online CV will serve you to share a link from where visitors, will in adition to be able to checkout your online cv can also be presented with a link to download a PDF CV. In the following article you can check wich options exist both for free and premium users.

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