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Removing an online or web CV from your account

There are many reasons that might drive users to remove an online CV, normally, JOB SEEKER users do so to leave a spot to create a new version of the CV, since this account only allows for 2 CVs to be created at a time: a PDF CV and an online CV. There is also users who want to delete their CV to unpublish it, note that there is different sharing settings and even unpublishing your CV without removing it is also an option, find out more about it here.

Deleting an online CV is easy:

  1. Once on the Main Dashboard, pick the online CV you want to delete.
  2. Click on the three dots next to it
  3. Pick the option "Delete CV"
  4. An message requesting your confirmation will pop up.

Please, also note that deleting your online CV is an irreversible action: When confirming it, this version of your online CV will be completely removed from our servers.