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Cancelling a JOB HUNTER account / Cancelling subscription

In order to cancel your subscription to a JOB HUNTER account, simply go to the funcionalidades de mi cuenta section by first clicking on the image on the bottom-left corner and then "Account Settings":

Once you are there, if you currently hold a JOB HUNTER, you will see a rectangle like this, with your current account selected:

Click on the button "VOLVER A CUENTA GRATUITA", you will find at the bottom of the JOB SEEKER account.

This will take you to the final step of the unsubscription process. You will see a summary of the features you will lose access to once your account goes back to JOB SEEKER:

Check the button confirming that you understand and accept the inmediate cancellation of new charges and that your account will automatically be downgraded when your current account expires. Then click on the button "DOWNGRADE TO JOB SEEKER" if that's what you want.

Ina few minutes you will receive an email to the email address associated with your account, confirming that your JOB HUNTER account has been cancelled. Please, if you do not receive that email after 15 minutes, please contat us at to make sure that everything went well and that indeed your JOB HUNTER account subscription was cancelled.

If what you need is to completely delete your account, please follow these instructions after having previously cancelled the JOB HUNTER account if you hold one at the moment. If you hold a JOB SEEKER account, directly forllow these instructions in order to request the complete removal of your account and all its related files.

What will happen to my account after cancelling the JOB HUNTER subscription?

When you receive an email confirming that your JOB HUNTER account has been cancelled, this means you won't be charged again. However, you might still have access to HOB HUNTER account features until it expires. Meaning, if for instance you signed up for a JOB HUNTER account billed yearly, even if you cancell your subscription, you will still be able to use your JOB HUNTER account until a year from the upgrading has past. If you actually picked a monthly subscription, downgrade will take place after a month from your last payment.

When finally your account will downgrade from JOB HUNTER to JOB SEEKER, you won't be able to use the JOB HUNTER account features, you will instead only be able to use those features available on a JOB SEEKER account meaning:

CV editing limited again

Both for PDF and Online CVs, all CV versions that you might have created while you holded a JOB HUNTER account, will be blocked, except one of your PDF CV and one of your Online CV versions, being these the only CV versions that you will be able to edit content from.

Of course if a JOB SEEKER requests the content of one or more of his blocked CVs, he or she can do it anytime sending an email to, after validating the request, a TXT file with the content of these CVs will be handed to him or her.

Regarding the web CVs, the links of all the online CVs you might have created while holding a JOB HUNTER account, will still be available without any limitations as described here, however, the CVs that are blocked on the dashboard won't be editable.

CV downloading limited again

As specified in the last section, one of the PDF CVs on your account will still be editable after your JOB SEEKER account is reactivated. This CV will only be downloaded if it follows the requirements to download a CV with a JOB SEEKER account, otherwise, you won't be able to download it as a PDF File.

Limitations on your online CVs

Visibility of your Online CVs

All web CVs you might have created while holding a JOB HUNTER account, will still be available on the same link address they were right before you downgraded your account to JOB SEEKER again, not matter if the CV editing has been blocked or it's the one that is still editable.

Image customization

Samewise, web CVs where you had customized background images, will keep running as they are, with the images you set, however, these won't be able to be modified unless you upgrade toa JOB HUNTER account again.

CVs protected under password

Protecting your CV under password is a feature onl available on JOB HUNTER accounts, however, when your JOB HUNTER account expires, due to data protection laws, these online CVs will still be accessible only when introducing the password.

Is it possible to upgrade to JOB HUNTER again?

Of course it is, a JOB SEEKER account can be updated to a JOB HUNTER account regardless the account's current or past status. In order to update your account to JOB HUNTER again follow these instructions.