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Below you'll find the most frequently asked question related with the PDF CV version of your CV. Remember if you have any question that aren't solved here, you can always reach out to us at hello@cvonline.me and we will be glad to help.

Who access my PDF CV?

Only you can access the PDF CVs you create within your account. You can download your CV as a PDF file and therefore share it with whomever you need to. Users can also make their PDF CV available for download through a link on a web version of their CV.

See sharing options
Creating a new PDF CV

It's extremely easy to creat a new PDF CV from your CV dashboard. Click the link below if you want to know how. JOB HUNTER account users can create as many versions of their PDF CV as they need, while JOB SEEKER account users can only create one PDF CV version at a time, meaning in order to create a new version of their PDF CV, removing their current PDF CV (Of course, after downloading it as a PDF file if they need to.) will be necessary, since this account only lets you create 2 free versions of your CV: A PDF CV and an online CV.

Step by step guide on how to create a new PDF CV
Deleting a PDF CV

If you need to delete or remove a PDF CV follow the instructions in the step by step guide below:

How to remove a PDF CV
Adding Sections to a PDF CV

One of the new features on the 3.0 version of our CV maker is that the PDF CV editor allows users to create unlimited sections of their CVs.

See step by step guide on adding sections
Adding subsections inside a section

Most of the sections have subsections in order to add subsets of information inside sections such as work experiences, degrees, skills, achievements, etc.

See the specifics about subsections
Editing content on sections or subsections

Sections are always composed by a section title and their content. The content can be a fixed element or a set of subsections. Some sections allow users to edit text formatting such as adding lists, links highlighting or bold text elements, etc.

See all editing features
Removing sections

In order to completely delete a section, simply use the icon on the right top corner of the section you need to telete.

More info. on how to delete a section
Sort sections and/or subsections

Sorting sections is easy, use the arrow icons ( ) to sort sections up and down or sidewise.

More information on how to sort sections
Editing header elements

Some of the elements on the header of your PDF CV are editable, others aren't, the same way, some header elements can be hidde if you don't want them in your CV at all, others, like your email address is a mandatory element.

Details on how to edit header elements
Download CV

In order to download a PDF CV simply click on the "DOWNLOAD CV" button on the top-right corner of the PDF CV editor. The download will then start within a few seconds. However, free account limitations might prevent the download from starting. In this event, a message will pop up telling you why your CV can't be download with your free account and how to find the workaround it. In the link below you'll find information on which designs are free to download and under which circunstances.

See how to download a PDF CV here
Changing CV design / Changing CV Template

You can apply different designs or template to a PDF CV, and see whichone meets the needs of your application. JOB HUNTER account users can pick any design and will be able to download no matter the design. However, althought JOB SEEKER account users can pick any template to see how their CV looks with it, they will only be able to download the PDF CV with a free template.

Check out how to change your PDF CV Design
Modifying your CV appearence (Color, font type and font-sizes.)

Another 3.0 version new feature is the option to edit styles within a PDF CV template. Users can change their PDF CV font types, font sizes and colors.

See available options
Changing your CV language

Most of your PDF CV content it's written by you, so in order to change the language of your CV, all you need to do is to translate its content 🥲. However, it is true that some templates have fixed texts, check out how to change the language of your CV in the following link:

How to change language
Changing the QR code on a CV

One of the available sections on your PDF Cv is the "QR Code" section. This section consists of a text block and a QR code. The QR code appearing on your CV was generated when you generated the CV or the section for the first time. Unfortunately its link can't be modified. The way around then will be to add a new section with the link that you need, copy and paste the text from the old section if you have any and then remove the section with the outdated QR code.

How to change a QR Code
Removing or changing the picture on your PDF CV

In this article we go into details on how to change the image on your CV or remove it.

See picture options