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Changing the appearence of PDF CVs 3 allow users to customize certain PDF CV appearence details, specifically it allows users to:

How to modify the font size on your PDF CV

2 PDF CV elements allow users to modify their size: the text within the PDF CV sections and their headline. In order to increase or decrease the font size of these two elements:

  1. Within the left hand menu, look for the button Font details within the DESIGN & FORMATTING section and click on it.
  2. Use the icons to increase or decrease the size on the sections headings and text:

How to change the PDF CV font type or font family

Just below the scale fields to modify font sizes, you will find a couple of dropdown menus to modify the font of section headings and/or text.

Again, these dropdowns will allow you to modify the font type of one element or the other.

Changing the PDF CV color

The first option under the section DESIGN & FORMATTING on the left-hand menu of the PDF editor is Change color scheme.

Clicking on this option, a dropdown with different color options will open. Clicking on one of them will attempt to chaneg the PDF CV template color, upon confirmation.

Clicking on the button MORE COLORS, a window displaying color alternatives will pop up. Clicking on Pick Color, a color editor will appear where you can pick any color and modify its opacity.