’s privacy terms & policies

1. Object and purpose

This data protection policy regulates access to and the use of the services on the website and informs the user about the treatment and storage of personal data provided to

Provided data is collected by in order to provide the user with the requested services

The treatment and storage of personal data shall be as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016

1.1. What personal information do we store:

  • a) Data submitted by the user: All of the information that the user submits in different forms, with the objective of completing their personal webpage and PDF CV. If the user considers it appropriate, this may include their name, phone number, birthdate, place of birth, profile photo, current location, employment history, academic background, and any other information that is necessary for the user to create their curriculum vitae.
  • b) Information gathered by the user’s web browser via the use of external and internal cookies, specified in section 9 of this privacy terms and policy document. Data, related to the technology that the user employs to access our service, is collected with the objective of providing a better service in the future. Information related to our users’ browsing behaviour within our site is also collected for statistical purposes and service improvement.

2. Data storage

Personal Data provided by the users will be stored on an automated database created by and will remain there under its responsibility.

2.1 Data Publication

All provided data will be public data and will be on the internet until or unless the user deactivate the CV Online, at CV Settings If the user performs this action is committed to keep the CV private and non published on the internet.

The user has control over the publication of their data. There are four options to choose from:

  • Data published on the internet and indexable by search engines..
  • Data published on the internet, accessible only by the web address that the user has chosen.
  • Data published on the internet, protected by a password., This option is available for JOB HUNTER users, not JOB SEEKER users.
  • Complete removal of user’s data, by deactivating the user’s CV(s) in the “CV Settings” page, or selecting the option to delete the account. In both cases, if the user has already chosen to allow their CV to be indexed via search engines, they should request the elimination of search engine indexing, if such action is desired, as the removal of such indexing is not automatic.

The cookies that the website uses appear below:

  • Tawk generates three cookies (TawkConnectionTime, __tawkuuid, y Tawk_) with the objective of offering an online chat service to our users.
  • Stripe generates one cookie (__stripe_mid) with the objective of carrying out the payment process for users that request our premium account.
  • Google Analyticsgenerates two cookies(_ga y _gid) with the objective of collecting information about the online source and medium of users as well as their behaviour and browsing within the website. The objective is to measure the previously mentioned data in order to improve our online tools and services offered to our users.
  • Linkedin generates two cookies (linkedin_oauth_784ehy7mobdvjc and linkedin_oauth_784ehy7mobdvjc_crc) with the objective of exporting the user’s profile information from to our tool through our signup process. This enables the user to create an account on our website more efficiently.
  • generates one cookie (ci_session) with the objective of maintaining user sessions and showing them necessary notifications while browsing our website.

3. Truthfulness of the data provided

The User undertakes to ensure that the personal details communicated to are are correct, updated and truthful.

The User undertakes to communicate in as short a period as possible any changes or modifications of data provided to

4. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data

Under the terms and conditions set out in GDPR, the user can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data by sending an email to

The email must contain: a) A statment containing the user’s name, surname, ID, the user request and the adress to reply b) A Passport or ID photocopy

5. Consent collected data, will be always provided with the consent of the owner, explicity, as agreed by accepting the terms of use during the sign up form.

4. Account deletion rights

By sending an email to, you can exercise your rights to access, correction, deletion, limitation of processing, objection, and portability of your personal data at no cost.

The company has also the right to completely remove your account and all its content and related files, after 2 years of account inactivity. Always notifying the user previously.

6. Confidentiality and data transfer undertakes to maintain due secrecy in regard to the personal details stored in our Data Base according to applicable legislation as well as provide a safty storage within the data transfers which may occur, if applicable. will only transfer or reveal personal data when: a) you explicity allow that communication, transfer or reveal may occur, b) This communication, transfer or reveal is covered by the applicable legislation.

7. Security maintains the security standards according to the spanish kingdom June 11th Real Decreto 994/1999, concerning the automated computer files containing personal data security measures. Therefore has taken all the technical means in their reach to avoid the lost, mis-use, alteration, access to unauthorized persons and theft of the data provided through the Website.

Whereas the internet safety measures are not impregnable, is not held liable for the prejudice or damage resulting from the lost, mis-use, alteration, access to unauthorized persons and theft of some data, if it didn’t took place from recklessness or negligence by

8. Electronic communications is completely entitled to send communications to its users, by using data provided, with the purpose of communicate news, updates and relevant information as well as third party commercial communications containing relevant products, information or events.

These communications are send with the previous consent of the user and of course will be always available an unsubscription form to cancel your subscription at any point of time.

9. Cookies Usage use third party cookies, small data files created on the user's computer with two purposes: a) security elements involved in the control access to certain restringed areas of the website b) for statistical purposes and user experience improvements.

Under no circumstances will collect personal data through this files.

The user is free to avoid their browser cookie storage, through the browser settings. However, does not guarantee that this action might hinder the correct operation of this website