terms and conditions

1.Identification and contact information

These legal terms and conditions represent an agreement between you, the user or customer and (Hereinafter refered as the site) and regulate the access to the platform, its services, its responsabilities and their usage, as exposed in sections below, and accepted by the user when creating an account.

The present site is owned and operated by CAREER SANDBOX S.L. a private company, duly registered with the Trade Registry of Tarragona, with TAX ID B16962441 and with its registered office at C/Jaume Tió i Noé 35, 43500 Tortosa, Tarragona, Spain.

If you've got any question or issue with the platform and its content, the site offers its users a primary and eficient way to contact us, the email address:

2. Site's definition

For the purposes of these General Conditions, the site is described as: a) the platform itself as well as all the resources the site has rights over that are published under the public domain and its subdomains. b) The appearence of the user interface and all the elements included on it.

3. Objective

These General Conditions details the conditions of access to the services offered on the site, to which the user agreed when creating an account on this site.

The site reserves the right to update these terms and conditions, in accordance with new legislative and/or jurisprudential requirements and/or upcoming strategic business needs, at any time and without the need to notify users and/or customers.

The updated version of these terms and conditions will be effective immediately after being published on this site, leaving the unpublished /old version of these terms and conditions without effect as soon as they are unpublished.

4. Terms and conditions agreement

By using the site the user accepts these general conditions. Users that refuse to abide by these general conditions are prohibited from using the site and its services.

These general terms and conditions apply to all users, both free users and users that become customers accepting a subscribtion to paid services.

Therefore all users accessing the site, agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

In the first step of the registration process, the user by clicking the "Sign up" button, expresses having read, understood these general conditions and agrees to be bound by these general conditions.

5. Underage users

underage users are prohibited to use this site without legal tutor's authorization or supervision of the site usage, responding to any behaviour that infringes these terms and conditions or any law.

6. The service reserves its rights to modify any material or technical file within the platform, anytime and without prior notice to the user and/or customer without implying any type of responsibility.

The site also reserves its rights to totally or patially suspend, terminate, deactivate or interrupt its services and content, to all or some of its users, without this implying that the termination or interruption will be permanent.

7. Site accessing and usage rules

7.1 Usage Access and Usage

The user and/or customer is solely responsible for ensuring the legality, truthfulness, content and personal information contained in the professional materials created on the site, disclaiming of all liability for any damage that may be caused to third parties by the user's breach of this commitment.

Please note that the user and/or customer is the sole owner and responsible party for the professional documents, personal and private data that he/she integrates, and/or stores on this site.

The user agrees to only use this platform with strictly private and professional uses.

The user agrees to not using the site to perform activities that go against the law or the public general interest.

The usage of third party files that could infringe copy rights are totally forbbiden.

7.2 Rates and Pricing offers through its online CV builder two types of accounts, the first one under the commercial name of "JOB SEEKER account" and the second one under the commercial name of "JOB HUNTER account".

The last one consists of a monthly or anual subscription (Depending on the user's choice) which rate has been expressly accepted by the user before subscribing to the service. The subscription can be cancelled anytime as described on section 7.7.

The applicable rate varies depending on the user's location, currency and applicable deals.

Subscription prices can't change once a subscription has started. The site, however, reserves the right to modify rates for new users.

7.4 Access to services and free account registration

All the users registering on the site do so with a free account that constitutes a personal license to the use of the cv building platform and its services. This usage is restricted initially to the features available under the free account (JOB SEEKER acount).

The user choses the account's access credentials wether it's an email address and a secret password or uses a third party authentication app to access the account and use the platform's CV builder.

The loss or misuse of the credentials to the site as well as the abuse of the services provided by the platform has to be reported to the site immediately.

For those users using email and password credentials to access the site, this is providing a system to reset these credentials through an email reset system that can be accessed by clicking on the "Forgot my password" link that can be found in the login page.

Users with a free account may terminate their license granted under these terms and conditions at any time, by using the Permanently delete my account feature, upon completion of this action, the account will be completely removed from our data bases. This action is an irreversable action as described in our privacy policy. Before requesting an account's permanent removal, users who so require (by email to the address, may obtain a copy of all their account data in a .txt format.

The site can not be held responsible for data losses that occur when a user requests an account withdrawl. Similarly, can not be held responsible for the loss of access credentials or misuse derivated from it.

7.5 Access to services and registration to a subscription account

Those users who opt-in to subscribe to paid services (JOB HUNTER account), they will do so completing an online registration process, where users will be presented the subscription agreement in the section 7.6 of these terms & conditions and will finish by making the payment of the first subscription period with a credit/debit card. We accept credit/debit cards from the following merchants:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover & Diners
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

The rates on include all applicable taxes and can be charged in the following currencies:

  • EUR - Euros
  • USD - Dollares estado unidenses
  • BRL - Reales brasileños
  • INR - Indian Rupee

Payments are always charged in the indicated currency at the moment of subscription, therefore, if this currency is different from the currency of the provided payment method, the user's bank account may apply exchange rates that under any circumstances are applied by or its getaway platform. The user has the exclusive responsibility of knowing their bank exchange rates and the site will not assume any responsibility in this regard.

Las personas usuarias aceptan que para facilitar la contratación de cualquier servicio puntual y/o bajo el acuerdo de subscripción, sus datos de pago sean procesados y guardados por platformas de pago propiedad de terceros y que en ningún caso será quien custodie dicha información bancária, viajando esta del navegador del usuario a los servidores de las plataformas de pago, sin pasar por servidores propiedad de

The user declares to be the legitimate holder of the debit/credit card used in the payment process. Therefore, will not assume any responsibility in case the user is not the legitimate holder of the card since this circumstance is beyond our reasonable control. uses a payment get away that includes fraud detection and reduction systems, however, if needed, will of course offer cooperation to the sustomer and/or law enforcement and/or judicial authorities, for the detection and/or research of fraudulent operation(s) related to the debit/credit score card used to make fee of the offerings offered.

Once subscribed to a paid account, this fives the users access to all features and services under the JOB HUNTER account. This constitutes an extended license valid until the termination of the subscription or the breach of this subscription agreement by the user.

7.6 Acuerdo de subscripción

By subscribing to a JOB HUNTER account, the customer accepts the charges applied in exchange for the license as described in the 7.5 section of these terms and conditions (including and limited to the specified monthly or yearly recurrent charges).

Invoices are issued monthly o yearly (depending on the user's choice), applying the charges every 31 days or 365 days accordingly, increasing if successful, the access to the license described on the section 7.5 of these terms and contitions until the expiration of the new payment.

If the payment getaway system used by can't successfully settle an invoice, the site will notify the user withing 7 days, requesting the settlement of the upcoming invoice as well as a new payment method through an outomated system if necessary.

Failing to settle an invoice will result in termination of the subscription by the site. Along with the rebound of the license as described on section 7.5 of these terms and contitions, downgrading the user to its previous JOB SEEKER status as described under section 7.4 of these terms and conditions.

7.6.1 Subscription agreement cancelation and withdrawal rights

Users without any exception are entitled to opt-out or unilaterally terminate their subscription without having to notify through email. The withdrawal process is conducted online, on the page "My account features" under the SUBSCRIPTION AND BILLING menu that users can find browsing towards the "Account Settings" that can be found by clicking on the user image found in the bottom-left corner of every page of the User Interface.

Once the subscription agreement termination process is completed, the user's account may remain under the JOB HUNTER status until the active payment expiration date. Upon expiration the account will be then automatically downgraded to a free JOB SEEKER account instead of generating a new invoice, limiting the usage to the features available under the JOB SEEKER account license as described under section 7.4 of these terms and conditions.

7.7 Non-refundable policy rates are extrictly non-refundable unless the site expressly agrees to a partial or total refund on a written statement.

8. Guarantee and liability exemption regime

8.1 For the site's services, content and/or site usage doesn't grant the user any warranty over the content and the services offered in this site.

The user accepts and aknowledes the fat that the site and its services usage are conducted extrictly under their exclusive responsibility, therefore declares that it will do its best to ensure the correct functionallity of the site but can't guarantee them in any form.

Specifically, without being limited, the site will not assume any responsibility in case of: a)the availability and functionallity of the site or part of it. b) the interruption and/or cancellation of the site's services and availability. c)The modification of the site's services and content d) the complete or partial loss of the site generated content.

8.2 For third party services and/or content on the site no can't enforce the correct usage of its platform therefore can't asure the truthful of the content published by third parties on the site. no doesn't take responsibility for any damages that could be caused to third parties by the content or services published by third parties on the site.

8.3 For third party services and/or content outside of the site can't guarantee the truthfulness or accurancy of third party content or services provided outside the site as a result of a connection on the site.

8.4 For the service usage and/or user generated content will not assume any responsibility for damages , daños y perjuicios que se puedan generar al emprender acciones de cualquier tipo, basandose en el contenido publicado por el usuario en

Al cerrar acuerdos contractuales el usuario es el único responsable de las responsabilidades que se pudieran generar. doesn't overview user generated content, therefore the site will not assume any responsibility for potential damages caused by the site's usage including but not limited to a) ilegal or reckless behaviours b) the publication of untruthful or harmful content... c) The publication of immoral and/or illegitimate content. d) Content that infringes copy rights.

The user is the sole responsible party for any violation or damage to the site and/or third parties is obliged to repair any damage caused to and/or third parties as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions.

9 Intelectual property

The user accepts and acknowledges as the owner of all its intellectual property rights over all technical files and creative content accessible through the site's public domain, including but not limited to: brands, logos, names, copies, images, graphic elements, designs / templates, software and other elements on

The user accepts and acknowledges that the site includes content from third parties.

Assets owned by and owned by third parties that are used on the site are protected without limitation by Spanish intellectual property laws and other applicable international agreements.

10 License doesn't does not grant the user any rights over its properties or properties owned by third parties, it exclusively grants the user access to the content and site services, explicitly banning its unlawful reproduction or distribution for profit purposes.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, authorized users and customers to download for strict personal use all the site's available content and materials, forbidding any for profit usage of the downloaded materials.

Users that want to use the downloaded materials with any further purposes, will need the express authorization from and/or any other applicable rights owner or owners.

11. Transfer rights and obligations

Users and customers are prohibited from granting user rights (such as subscriptions) and obligations established by these terms and conditions to third parties without receiving the site's explicit authorization. may transfer its rights and obligations established under these terms and conditions or any subscription agreement to a third party. If doing so, the site is obliged to notifying the users and customers in writing while ensuring that the transfer does not violate their rights.

Just as they can do any time, users and customers can cancel their subscription agreements with if the site is transfered to a third party.

12. Partial nullity

In the event of a section of these terms and conditions is fully or partially declared invalid, null or void, this won't affect the rest of the terms and conditions which will still be in effect.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are ruled by the spanish Law, specifically by the "34/2002 de 11 de Julio de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico" law. By accepting these terms and conditions, and the user agree to resolve any dispute on any of Barcelona's court of law (Spain), explicitelly waiving the possibility to do it in any other court of law.